DATAGRO is an independent agricultural consultancy that produces primary analysis and data
on the main agricultural commodities.

More than 36 years of experience, he analyzes the markets for sugar, ethanol, energy, corn, soy, meat, and their
relationship with the economy.

DATAGRO advises the private sector on market issues and the public sector on initiatives
related to energy planning (in ethanol, gasoline and other biofuels), deregulation integration
and trade disputes at the US-ITC and the OMC.

In addition, DATAGRO works continuously for the diversification of the agro-energy
industry and the development of biofuels in different countries around the world.


Since 1991 DATAGRO through it's DEAG unit has provided services to more than 40 clients in the execution of export contracts for different agricultural products with CONFIDENTIALITY and promptness. There are more than 9.5 million tons of products in bulk and in containers and more than 1 billion liters of liquids.