The Bolsa Brasileira de Mercadorias (Brazilian Mercantile Exchange) and DATAGRO created the joint venture BBMDATAGRO to create solution
at bioenergy Brazilian market and offer the best ways for commercialization.

Here you will find a modern, safe, free, impartial and transparent environment,
as the networking of our brokers in used. In addition, we've the support of arbitration consolidated chamber.

Together with an electronic stronger platform, BBMDATAGRO offer solution with technology and intelligence,
supporting government, society and knowledgeable market participants.

With the junction of the strengths of two traditional participants in the Brazilian merchandise market, we set a
good supporting team to be sure of the realization of the commercialization.

We operate, in the auction or over-the-counter modalities, with the control and execution of the physical supply
operations, the quality of the products sold and the ability to ensure a continuous evolution of processes,
technologies and business models, seeking to balance all the needs of the market.


Strict compliance with the guidelines and determinations issued by the government agencies involved in the marketing and inspection of supplies for the fuel market;

Isonomy in the treatment of suppliers and acquirers;

Promotion of fair conditions of competition between the agents involved; Defense of the interest of the final consumer regarding the discovery of the most competitive price;

Establishment of an impartial and quick resolution system for the resolution of disputes through the Arbitration Chamber;

Maintain the quality standard with respect to controls providing total security for the physical process of buying and selling products;

Assistance in maintaining product quality control;

Ensure transparency and access to consolidated statistical information on transactions carried out to all involved and interested agents.